Stirling University’s ‘ban’ on meat:  What it means for students

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Last week Stirling Students’ Union committed to only serve plant-based food by 2025.

However, there is still plenty of confusion over what this means for students at the University.

The motion passed only affects the food served in the Union. Studio, Venue and Underground Coffee Shop (most commonly called Starbucks) will transition to 100% plant-based food by 2025.

However, the University controlled eateries Scran, SUP!, Nourish, Refresh Sports Bar, The Pod, Umami, Pathfood, Haldane’s and Bite remain unaffected by the motion.

The University was asked if they are to follow the Union’s decision. In response, a University of Stirling spokesperson said: “We are proud of the wide range of catering options we offer on campus, which includes the V-go vegan deli bar, and are committed to providing a choice on campus.

“This is a matter for the Students’ Union and doesn’t impact the University’s other catering options.”

The Union voted to pass the Plant-Based Commitment Motion on Thursday November 10 with 127 student members in attendance. It passed with 55.4% in favour.

With a student population of over 17 000, that means less than 0.01% of students voted on the motion that said: “A transition to plant-based food is a necessary step in the development of a more sustainable food system, and to reduce the climatic effect on the planet.”

The full Plant-Based Commitment Motion can be read here.

Feature Image Credit: The Vegan and Rights for Animals Society / Harry Williamson

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