Candidates announced for Union Elections 2022

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13 candidates have now launched their campaigns in the 2022 Union Elections.

The Union Elections give students a chance to elect four Sabbatical Officers who work full-time within the Union and 15 voluntary part-time Executive Officers. Elected candidates will hold these roles from June 1, 2022, to May 31, 2023.  

The candidates for the 2022 Union Elections are:

Union President

The Union President is the political head of the organisation, representing students’ interests to University staff, local and national Government and within the National Union of Students.

Calum Brown

Current VP Education Calum Brown is standing for election as the next Union President.

Brown promises to: fight against rising costs in ageing accommodation; develop the GBV disciplinary process; increase inclusivity and accessibility; modernise mental health and wellbeing; strengthen sustainability; and, transform travel for students.

Calum Brown’s manifesto can be found here.

Anastasia Mendini

Third-year student Anastasia Mendini also announced their candidacy for Union President. Mendini is promising to focus on three main areas in which she believes change is needed. The first-year experience, inclusion and celebration of all people and, sustainability is key to Mendini’s bid to become an ‘ANAmazing’ president.

Anastasia Mendini’s manifesto can be found here.

Tash Miller

Miller, a fourth-year Social Policy student, wants to ‘put the student back into Students’ Union’. To achieve this, Miller has four priorities. She wants to focus on: rebuilding the relationship between students and the university through transparency; fighting for students’ rights to high-quality education; ensuring all students are safe at university; and, the physical and mental wellbeing of students.

Tash Miller’s manifesto can be found here.

Louis Utieyin

Current President of the African and Caribbean society and Equalities Officer Louis Utieyin wants the Student’s Union team to reflect the multicultural student body – something he believes requires improvement. If successful, Utieyin promises to proactively promote inclusivity and diversity at the university through the launching of several initiatives. He looks to build upon existing experience to do so.

Louis Utieyin’s manifesto can be found here.

Sports President

The Sports President leads the Sports Union, working with all teams and athletes. They also work with the University to improve on-campus sporting facilities, develop teams and individuals and most importantly, #bleedgreen!

Murray Bushell

Sports Studies student and captain of the 2’s football team, Bushell is looking to become Sports President. Bushell promises to freshen up the Sports Union by prioritising: mental health; coordination between clubs; proportionate value for money; inclusivity; a student-first focus; and, personal approachability. If successful, Bushell wants to make the Sports union a place where everyone feels involved and welcome.

Murray Bushell’s manifesto can be found here.

Vice President Communities

The VP Communities is responsible for Clubs and Societies, working with individual clubs to improve their membership and activities, and increasing engagement between the student body and the wider Stirling community. They also work across housing, sustainability, and volunteering.

Margaux Pierre

Pierre, who is an active member of community-based initiatives, announced her candidacy for VP Communities. She is promising to focus on: sustainability through student led-initiatives such as the Stirling Climate Festival; health and wellbeing; transportation; housing; and, encouraging clubs and societies to grow together through interactive opportunities.

Margaux Pierre’s manifesto can be found here.

Jess Reid

Also running to become the next VP Communities is Jess Reid. Reid, who has held many roles within student politics including Women Officer and Campaign Manager for Reclaim Stirling want to give back and ‘create greater change for all students. She promises to: introduce a reinvigoration programme for clubs and societies; establish a housing forum; improve accessibility and inclusion; combat student loneliness; and, improve communication with transport services.

Jess Reid’s manifesto can be found here.

There are also 15 part-time voluntary Executive Officer positions available for election. The candidates for these roles are:

Juulia Spets is running to become Co-Curricular Officer. The third-year student from Finland plans to support clubs and societies with training and support for committee members as well as encourage and promote volunteering opportunities. Juulia Spets’ manifesto can be found here.

Education student Lucy Wilson announced her candidacy for Engagement Officer. Wilson aims to improve the student experience and give students the tools to become successful employees after graduation. To do this she wants to focus on career development opportunities and making education accessible. Lucy Wilson’s manifesto can be found here.

Running for Health and Wellbeing Officer is psychology student Zoë Crosher. Crosher promises to make health-promoting activities more enjoyable for students at all levels. To do this she wants to introduce a weekly walking group and bring in a ‘quiet hour’ at the university gym. Zoë Crosher’s manifesto can be found here.

Dante Lopez believes his first-hand experience of accommodation issues make him the ideal candidate for Housing Officer.  Lopez, a first-year student, promises to never shy away from supporting students with any issues related to accommodation. He believes that students deserve better. Dante Lopez’s manifesto can be found here.

Sustainability Officer candidate Nela Cadinanos Gonzalez wants the University of Stirling to commit to net-zero by 2030. The former Vice President of the Environmental Enterprises and current Union President promises to continue the Sustainability Careers Faire and develop relationships within the local community. Nela Cadinanos Gonzalez’s manifesto can be found here.

Michael Sammels, a third-year student, is running to become Mature Students Officer. Sammels wants to help mature students have a voice within the union, promising to work closely with union staff and committee members to raise awareness of issues that impact mature students. Michael Sammels manifesto can be found here.

Not all roles will be filled when voting closes on March 15. There are no approved candidates for the sabbatical position of Vice President Education.

Additionally, there are no candidates in the running for: Arts Officer; International Officer; Media Officer; Post Graduate Officer; Sports Union Communications Officer; Sports Union Participation and Engagement Officer; Alternative Pathways Officer; Care Experienced Students Officer; and Parents and Carers Officer.

The full candidate list and manifestos can be found here.

The polls open at 9:00a.m on Monday, March 14 with the results to be announced Tuesday, March 15 at 7:30p.m.

Feature Image Credit: Stirling Union via Twitter

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