Stirling Wellbeing Week

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Stirling University hosts a Wellbeing Week that, this year, is running from March 13 to March 17. The university will be hosting a series of events throughout the week that are open to both students and staff. These activities aim to celebrate all things wellbeing, as well as giving you any advice you may need.

What’s on?

So far Stirling University has had a health fair, a career potential session, a cycling skill session, and many more events. But worry not! There are still plenty of events on throughout the week.

Wednesday brings us a well-being stall for an informal chat about anything well-being, and a photography walk competition.

Also on is a workshop hosted by Emily Sandwell, International Careers and Employability Consultant, which will teach you the importance of your own self-promotion.

A staff-only financial wellbeing event is running too, which gives staff the chance to talk to industry professionals on aspects of your own financial wellbeing.

The library continues the activities on Thursday as well with a book swap bookcase. Here you can bring in an old book you have and swap it out for a new one. Reading, even for a little amount a day, is a good way to look after your well-being which is what this activity aims to do.

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If art is more your thing, then head over to the Pathfoot building on Thursday for the gallery gatherings. As well as appreciating some contemporary art, there is a quiet space set aside to create your own.

Bringing the week to a close we have a mix of activities to suit everyone, led by the Chaplaincy.

The Chaplaincy has organised a stroll that will last 40 minutes and takes you around places of peace on campus.

A wellbeing meditation event lasting 30 minutes per session is available. You don’t have to sign up to take part and it includes music, poems, and prayers.

Finally, a “Chappy Chatty Hour” will be held at the Chaplaincy giving you an hour of fun on a Friday afternoon. There will be crafting, jigsaws, or some time to simply take a break from the bustle of life.

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As well as all of these events, the library has a dedicated well-being space available on Floor 2 of the library. This will be accessible during library opening hours. The Loch View Wellbeing Suit will also be open Monday to Friday between 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 a.m. It will offer a relaxing space to unwind.

Image Credit: University of Stirling website

Who can join?

Wellbeing Week activities are for all staff and students attending the university, unless the event specifies it is staff/student only. To gain access to the library events you will need your student ID card to get through the barrier.

Where is it?

These events are held all over the university campus, and some are held online. For a full list of times, events, sign-up details, and locations, click here.

Feature Image Credit: University of Stirling website

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