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Question: Not entirely sure how to ensure the friendships that I make at university, stay beyond university. So many students seem to move beyond Stirling, particularly with the pandemic.

Answer: It can be tough to accept, but sometimes relationships are just temporary. You will fall out of contact with some people. Unfortunately, it’s inevitable. It can be hard maintaining friendships if you live far apart and are all busy working or studying, but luckily now we have the magic of the internet to connect us to our loved ones.

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At the end of the day, if both parties want to stay friends, you will. You both need to put in time and effort to maintain your relationship. The people who do care about you will put in that effort to stay in touch.

So, keep messaging your friends. Video call them when you really miss them and try to make an effort to meet in real life every now and again when you have the chance. You could even throw a pandemic-style Zoom quiz with your graduate friends! Maybe you’re sick to death of those – I don’t blame you.

It’s important that you shouldn’t take it personally when people don’t always have time for you. Sometimes your friends will genuinely be busy, or they might not have the mental energy to talk. If you live far apart, you can’t be sure what’s going on behind the screen. Be respectful and patient with your friends and their boundaries.

Take care!

-Agony Auncle

Disclaimer: I am not a professional, just a student giving out advice for fun. I don’t claim any responsibility for the outcomes of the situations submitted to me.

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