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Stirling Council to review bin collection policy

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Stirling Council has announced its intention to review its bin collection policy after a motion at yesterday’s council meeting .

The review will be conducted via a working group which will examine matters including although the list is not exhaustive :

  • The frequency of each waste collection stream
  • The garden waste charge
  • The costs of the waste collection service
  • Ensuring the highest level of recycling

The review comes after alterations to the bin collection policy in September 2021, which saw the introduction of a garden waste permit and a four weekly bin collection for grey and blue bins

Credit: Stirling Council

Stirling Council Leader, Cllr Chris Kane said: “It’s time to take the public, our staff and their representatives on this journey with us.

“In 2020 we showed leadership by making a tough decision for financial and environmental reasons. However, we know many people still need help understanding that decision, and why it was made.

“This review will give the public and our staff the chance to have their say on what’s working well with our waste services and what might need to change.”

More information about the scope of the review and the subsequent consultation will be published shortly.

Featured image credit: Stirling Council

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