The Witching Hour review: Ethereal and wildly 80s

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Jack Wakeman & The Dreamstriders have released their latest single The Witching Hour on March 3.

The Glasgow-based alt-indie/art-rock band formed in 2020 after Jack moved from Manchester where he worked for eight years. The band describes themselves on their Spotify as “[a] high voltage neon tapestry weaving together pieces of the past and visions of tomorrow”.

Image Credit: the.dreamstrider on Instagram

On an Instagram reel from the band’s page, Jack talks about the release of The Witching Hour, describing the release as “very exciting and scary stuff”. After listening, it’s safe to say they had nothing to be worried about.

The Witching Hour grabs our attention with a solid synth baseline. Jack’s voice is a perfect match with the synth in this song, mingling together as nostalgia for a time passed washes over you.

The entirety of this song is other-worldly and would definitely be the experience of a lifetime to hear at a gig. The pacing, style, and even the vocals are all wildly reminiscent of the 80s.

Eager for more after listening to their latest? Jack Wakeman & The Dreamstriders discography is complete with songs that will satisfy your nostalgic cravings and let you drift off into another time.

Along with the release of The Witching Hour, the band posted a matching music video which can be found here.

Tour Dates

After listening to this song, it’s no surprise if you’re eager to see them live.

Well, fear not! Jack Wakeman & The Dreamstriders are going on a UK tour which kicks off in Sheffield on April 5.

Only five tour dates have been announced so grab your tickets here while you have the chance. The band will also be playing in Liverpool, Manchester, Glasgow, and Edinburgh.

Image Credit: the.dreamstrider on Instagram

It’s exciting to see an up-and-coming band with a refreshing style. They have done a cracking job so far and I cannot wait to see what they do next.

Feature Image Credit: the.dreamstrider on Instagram

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