“Codename: Softboi” Review: Powerful and Rebellious

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The alt-rock soloist based in London, Drew Davies, is about to release his latest single. Inspired by artists such as TVAM and Faith No More, Davies combines his love of 90s alt-rock with a modern twist, creating something that is solely his.  

Codename: Softboi
Image Credit: drewdaviesmusic on Instagram

Codename: Softboi is his latest single, following the release of The Comeback. It is an energising piece with a powerful message.  

Immediately we hear an almost lo-fi synth injected with indie rock. Solid strumming beats from the guitar provide a stable base for this song and work well with the brooding lyrics.  

Davies’ low, almost uttered vocals feel like an intimate moment before he switches to a more wild, upbeat, indie-rock style. Adding some punch and energy to balance out the more relaxed vocals gives this track a really nice balance, as if he is building to the argument of the chorus. 

His inspiration from 90s alt-rock shines through in Codename: Softboi, providing nostalgia to everyone who went through a ‘rebellious phase.’  

Codename: Softboi
Image Credit: drewdaviesmusic on Instagram

The angsty lyrics give you an itch to stand out against the world. Davies shouts out in the chorus to “put the gaslight out,” a demand that references, in this case, male manipulators.  

Talking about the meaning behind this song, Davies said: “Softboi is a satirical examination of the alternative veil men may choose to don in a bid to seduce the object of their desires online. Only to reveal their true lascivious desires when they can wait no longer to capture the ‘prize.’ 

“Toxic masculinity is a theme examined often in the world of alternative pop by artists such as Kim Calinan and Alex Cameron, I wanted to take a close look through an alternative rock lens.” 

Codename: Softboi will be available to stream on Spotify from March 31. Pre-save is available here.  

Broke the repeat button after listening to Codename: Softboi? Not to worry, you can find plenty of other works equally as powerful by Davies here.

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