Stirling University hold ‘Saluting our Sisters’ panel for Black History Month 

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The University if Stirling will hold a programme for Black History Month with the theme of Saluting our Sisters. Events will take place across the campus throughout October to celebrate Black history, heritage and culture.  

Akyaba Addai-Sebo, a Ghanaian analyst and activist, played a huge part in organising the UK’s first Black History Month. The first one was held in London in 1987.  

Since then, October has been a month for honouring and reflecting black individuals in history through various events.  

The University of Stirling has celebrated Black History Month in previous years. This year they continue to do so, highlighting Black women who have had key roles in shaping the world and society.  

While the university aims to celebrate black achievements throughout history this month, they also want to show the importance of continuing to address systematic inequalities.  

A panel discussion, titled Saluting our Sisters at Stirling, is being held on 23 October from 5pm until 6:30pm. Staff, student, and alumni voices will be featured at this event. The panel will discuss the experiences of black and ethnic women at the university, as well as in other higher education. 

Throughout the panel, aims include building awareness and thinking of how the university community can challenge racism and create inclusion. 

This panel is free and is being held at Pathfoot Lecture Theatre. Tickets are available to book here

What else is on for Black History Month?

Also running this month is a short course called “Commit to change with Union Black”. Here you will learn to become more confident as a “change agent” for inclusion, diversity and equity. This will run for the duration of October with slots available from 9am to 5pm.  

A couple of tours, including The Stirling Story of Slavery and Empire and Thomas Stuart Smith’s Black Portraiture will also be held in October. 

For the full list of Black History Month events that are happening in the university, click here.  

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