‘Taste No Waste’: The Food Waste Cookbook

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The Environmental Enterprise Society of Stirling (SUSEE) have announced a new project that they are working on called ‘Taste No Waste’. ‘Taste No Waste’ will be a recipe book that incorporates ingredients and food that is often thrown away or leftover from other meals.

What are the aims?

This project focuses on reducing the amount of food waste that we produce. Also, by using leftovers where possible, it can help people save money during this cost-of-living crisis.

The SUSEE said: “As a society, we mostly have the planet and the people in mind, and food waste emits around 6 per cent of global greenhouse gases.”

“Most of it goes to waste in supply chains but also a good proportion is consumer waste.

We recognise that the responsibility of food waste is not just on us consumers, and even as consumers we often don’t have the energy, time, health, or knowledge to eat in a way that produces as little food waste as possible.”

This project will help those aiming to reduce their food waste by teaching them how to do so.

The SUSEE said: “Our overall hope is to make avoiding household food waste more convenient for students.”

When will the book be released?

The SUSEE are currently working on recipes for the book. It is set to launch on 21 April.

As well as print copies, the SUSEE hope to make a digital copy of ‘Taste No Waste’ available too.

The SUSEE discussed the process of this project, they said: “I think we are excited to put this together!”

“We haven’t done a project like this before so there will probably be challenges along the way but we’re all quite optimistic. […] I believe we’re all quite happy doing this project.”

Who can use it?

This is a perfect book for university students to have when it is released. Being busy with deadlines and social events can often have a negative impact on what you are eating. Take-out food or skipping a meal can be more appetising than making a trip to the shops.

Of course, it isn’t limited to those at university, this is a perfect recipe book for anyone who is looking to save a penny and waste less food.

This book will help you make recipes that you may have never thought of before, saving you money as well.

For those with dietary requirements, the SUSEE said: “… We didn’t set specific dietary requirements such as vegetarian or vegan [recipes] so more people could make use of this book.

“That being said, many recipes will align with these diets or give a vegetarian or vegan option.”

SUSEE are accepting recipe suggestions that fit in with this project as well. If you have a recipe that you feel might be suitable for this book, then contact the SUSEE team here.

Featured Image Credit: Photo by Maarten van den Heuvel on Unsplash

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