The 502s: “I feel like it’s been the first year where everything’s been in full swing”

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American indie folk band, The 502s, released their latest EP earlier this year and are about to set sail on tour. The six-piece band from Florida have spent the last four years performing throughout the US, Canada and Europe.  

Their infectious sound hasn’t gone unnoticed; the band boast millions of Spotify streams and viral fame on TikTok. Now, they are coming back to the UK and Europe in November to celebrate their new music.  

Brig had the chance to sit down (virtually) with Eddie and Matthew from The 502s and ask them about how things are going for the group.  

“The 502s have played at Lollapalooza and released two EPs this year. How have the band managed with such a busy year?” 

Eddie: “It’s been an awesome year. I feel like it’s been the first year where everything’s been in full swing. 

“[We] done a lot of touring, a lot of music releasing, Lollapalooza was awesome. It’s been very very fun just travelling around quite a bit seeing a lot of cool places, playing a lot of cool shows and putting a lot of, what I would say, great music out.” 

Matthew: “One of the best things has been putting out new music and having so many tour dates and having all of our fans react to our new songs. 

“It’s really just the best feeling, it makes us want to keep going and make more.” 

“Lollapalooza had such a diverse line-up. How did it feel to be performing alongside so many different artists?” 

Eddie: “It was cool, the crowd was very diverse, and I think had a lot of different musical tastes. Everybody seemed to be super into it and very energetic. It seemed like the kind of crowd to me that was just excited to be at a music festival and was super supportive of whoever it was that they were seeing. 

“From that standpoint it was really fun. And it was a huge honour to be on the same [line-up] as Kendrick Lamar. 

“It was very cool across the board.” 

Matthew: “There was a really heavy band that played right before our set that had a mosh pit going. We were standing backstage laughing like this was going to be a vibe shift for us. [We are] still very energetic but just a different sound. Personally, I was a little nervous watching that, but it went so well, some of the most fun we’ve ever had.” 

“I know you have a song titled Backstage in Glasgow. Does Glasgow have a special place in your heart?” 

Eddie: “Yeah, definitely. When we come back [to Glasgow] it’ll be the first time we’ve played that [song] in Glasgow.  

“The story behind it was last year we were there, [and] my fiancé was at the show and we were getting eloped a couple of days later. That song came together initially backstage that night. For that reason and the personal reasons [Glasgow] definitely has a special place in my heart.” 

Matthew: “Every experience we have had [in Glasgow] has been fantastic.” 

Talking about the Glasgow crowd’s love of mosh pits, the band promised to try and create a pit to the slowest song they can.  

“How do you guys feel about your upcoming tour?” 

Eddie: “Super excited.” 

Matthew: “It’s going to be great; we’ve always had an amazing time throughout the entire UK and Ireland, and it’s going to be fun to get back to the continent as well.  

“We’re going back to some places we’ve been before but to a ton of new places as well. [It’s] one of the longest tours we’ve ever been on. Everybody is very very excited for it.”

Eddie: “It’s a really nice way to cap off what has been a super exciting year for us.” 

“After your busy year I’m sure that you are all looking forward to a rest. However, are there any upcoming plans or projects that you can share with us?” 

Eddie: “We just got back from recording the next album which we’re very excited about. That will be coming out at the top of the year with a bunch of tour dates as well. 

“It’s what we love to do so it’s exciting that we have the opportunity to do it.” 

After chatting with the guys, it was clear how much love goes into this band and everything they create. They spoke with enthusiasm and excitement about all of the experiences, and I cannot wait for them to bring their summery, heartwarming tunes and energy to Glasgow. 

Tickets for The 502s upcoming tour are available here.

Featured Image Credit: The502s.com

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