DREDGE DLC on-hold until 2024 

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DREDGE, the single-player fishing-horror game has announced that its latest DLC has been delayed. This indie game was released in March this year and quickly gained popularity.  

Its first DLC that requires players to pay to download was supposed to release at the end of this year.  

The game has been a hit with the Steam community, garnering reviews that are 95 per cent overwhelmingly positive. 

Image Credit: DREDGE on Steam

Following a tweet by DREDGE, players have showed their undying support for the game and its developers in the comments.  

Fan reaction

One commenter said: “Take your time. We are willing to wait for good quality. And for the sake of your workers.” 

Another said: “I’d rather see a DLC from a rested, healthy, and motivated team that’s delayed over a DLC that was pushed out to meet some quota. Take your time. I don’t think we’re [the fans] going anywhere.” 

However, the official statement from DREDGE shows that the DLC has been delayed for marketing issues.

The statement said: “[…] as we progressed, we were faced with the reality that, given the time of year, we’d need more lead time to coordinate our marketing and make the launch as exciting as it could be.” 

Some fans were confused by their reason for the delay. One tweeted: “Delayed so you can marker the game more? Wow…” 

Although, the majority of responses that noticed the reasoning were supportive. One tweet said: “Definitely a smart move for yourselves moving into a more quieter point next year. Your game deserves people’s full attention, keep working hard everyone.” 

Image Credit: DREDGE on Steam

While this DLC has been postponed, in the statement from DREDGE they aren’t planning to leave fans empty-handed.  

DREDGE said: “[…] we firmly believed there was only one path forward and that was to delay ‘The Iron Rig’ until next year while still delivering an exciting DLC to our players in 2023.” 

The developers have told players to keep their eyes open for this additional content and thanks them for their support.  

Featured Image Credit: DREDGE on Steam

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