Oliver Tree “Alone in a Crowd” Review: A tale of love and heartbreak ★★★★☆

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American sensation Oliver Tree has released his latest album Alone in a Crowd. This album is the fourth by the artist and released on September 29.  

Tree has built his enormous fandom through the internet through his various forms of entertainment. Being versatile in his work online leaks into his music as he explores many genres across his work.  

Along with this new album, Tree has three EPs and several songs that have gone viral on TikTok, including Worth Nothing which he featured on 

Alone in a Crowd review

Alone in a Crowd starts off strong with Bounce. Tree’s unique vocals and style greet us off the bat. Angsty lyrics meet with synth, drums and guitar to create a calm beat that contrasts the angry lyrics.  

One & Only is up next with a dreamy chorus that bursts into upbeat synth. It is the type of song you can expect at a nightclub or festival, and I’m sure it will be played at many. Tree is sticking with the theme of love in this album, with heartbreak and true love. 

Essence (feat. Super Computer) is delightfully Tree. An infectious beat will have you tapping along as Tree sings about one special person to a summery tune. Essence is the perfect song for summer as it encapsulates the feeling of summer love. 

Fairweather Friends explores Tree’s versatility, introducing thumping beats and rap. Bouncing between the energetic song to a gentler chorus is a nice touch. It gives the track variety in the way Tree does best.  

The marmite of this album has to be Ugly Side. Love it or hate it, you will have an opinion. Tree maybe experiments too much with this track. Overall, it is a good song, but the synth beat is slightly off-putting.

Calming back down from the rollercoaster of Ugly Side is Highlight Of My Life. Focusing on that special someone, Tree celebrates them while simultaneously misses their presence. It’s a smoother track overall, with some nice tempo changes to keep us listening. 

Invisible Man is highly reminiscent of Tree’s earlier work. From instrumental to vocals and tempo, this song is great for if you are just starting to listen to Tree and want to know what to expect. 

Finishing with a bang is Oliver Tree’s most famous song, Miss You. Another TikTok hit, this song proves its place on this album with over five million streams on Spotify. Pitched-up vocals clash with piano keys perfectly as a Phonk-like beat joins in. Describing it can sound like a car crash but Miss You is anything but. It is totally unique, even with its Phonk influences, and I have yet to find another song like it. 

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