University of Stirling quietly increases student rent

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The University of Stirling quietly updated their website today, detailing student rent increases to some university managed accommodations.

Properties affected include Polwarth House, Fraser of Allander House, Alexander Court and townhouses, ASH, Juniper Court, Willow Court, Beech Court and Union Street Development.

Whilst cheaper accommodations such as Polwarth have only increased £4.29 per week, Willow, Juniper and Beech are proposed to go up £14.61 per week for the 2023/2024 academic year.

It also appears that whilst the rent for Muirhead House has not increased, it will now only be available to rent for one semester at a time with only a 15-week contract available.

The Students’ Union has expressed their concern following the increase.

In a statement, the Union told Brig: “We are extremely disappointed to see the rent increases recently announced by the University of Stirling for 2023/24. As a Sabbatical Officer team, we have made our frustration and anger clear to the University and that we do not endorse these increases.

“We want students included – not priced out of education. We want rents frozen across the board – not increased.

“We want every student to eat – not skip meals because they can’t afford to. We want students to concentrate on their degree – not whether they can afford their rent.

“We want the University to support students.

“Yes, we welcome the rent freezes for some properties and all Nursing students, but we cannot ignore the unprecedented financial challenges facing students and demand the university to reconsider the planned increases.

“We will support our students with their response to the University following announcement of these increases.”

Feature Image Credit: Harry Williamson/Brig

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