Stirling Pole Fitness Club to hold first fundraising showcase

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The Stirling Pole Fitness Club is holding a performance showcase on April 14 in Venue.

Tickets are £6 and doors will open at 5.30pm.

Trine Wittkopf, the club’s Event Coordinator, told Brig: “The showcase will show what our members have learned during their time with us. Routines are between 2.30-3.30 minutes long [and] are a mix of pole moves, dance and gymnastics.

“We want to show people that pole dancing is a sport, not just stripping. We don’t want to turn our back on history but make people aware of how far we have come as a community.

“Yes, we show a lot of skin. Yes, we dance on a pole. But like other dance forms, pole dancing is a form of art. We put a lot of work and effort into it.

“This will be our first ever showcase as a club (and society in earlier days). We plan on doing many more in the future and getting our club more involved in uni life.”

Half of the proceeds will be donated to the mental health charity Penumbra.

“Penumbra provides dedicated service to those enduring mental ill health,” said Trine.

“We decided on it as many people struggle with mental health. We want to make sure that everyone gets the help they need.

“Also, Penumbra is a Scottish charity. It is great to see mental health improvements in our surroundings.”

Tickets are available on the Union website.

Feature Image Credit: Stirling Pole Fitness

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