Mark Sharp & the Bicycle Thieves: The unsigned Scottish band that could top the charts

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An unsigned band from West Lothian, Mark Sharp & the Bicycle Thieves, are hoping they can top the official UK album charts tomorrow (Friday).

They released their debut album Unmask the Circus just last week and are already receiving a lot of attention.

Frontman Mark Sharp spoke to Brig ahead of the big day tomorrow.

The band

“It started out as a solo project,” the singer and rhythm guitarist said. “As time went on, we realised that the songs were made for a band.

“Some of the members have changed over the years but we’ve finally got a band together and we thought it was time to do an album.”

Alongside Sharp, the band currently consists of Conor (bass), Cammy (lead guitar), Darren (keys and trumpet) and James (drums).

So far they’ve supported big acts including the Snuts and Lewis Capaldi.

The album

Unmask the Circus is Mark Sharp & the Bicycle Thieves’ first album, and has massively grown in popularity during its first week of release.

“We’re currently sitting at number one in the alternative album charts on iTunes,” said Sharp.

“We’ve been jumping between number two, number three on all genres.”

The band is now hoping to crack the official UK album charts on BBC Radio One tomorrow.

Sharp said: “It’s exciting… we’ve already achieved a lot for this album for so far, with just the support that we’ve had and the people that have got behind us.

“It’s not the end of the world if we don’t get in, however it will be an incredible achievement for an unsigned band like us.”

He hopes that no matter the outcome tomorrow, the band will inspire other artists.

“I think it’ll show other unsigned acts that it can be done… we’re fighting for everyone at the moment, we’re fighting for the wee bands.”

The support

Whilst the band is flying the flag for the underdogs, they’ve had some pretty big names show their support for the album on social media – even Lewis Capaldi “came out of hiding” to share the new music.

“It’s incredible, we’d never ask him to do that,” Sharp said. “He’s already done so much for us and I know he’s taking some time away, so for him to come out and give it a push is great.

“Our friends the Snuts as well, they’ve got right behind it… there’s been loads of support from bands and some celebrities and ex-footballers, even Livingston football team have shared it as well.”

The charts

The official charts will be announced on BBC Radio One tomorrow, so be sure to tune in to find out if Mark Sharp & the Bicycle Thieves can do it.

Sharp concluded: “You never know, because you’re up against these big names in the industry, they’re all in major labels.

“It’s not expected from us, but we’re definitely going to give it a go anyway, see if we can get on there.”

Feature image credit: Graham Noble/Mark Sharp & the Bicycle Thieves Facebook

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