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Five clubs and socs you didn’t know existed

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You’ve heard it a million times before; join a society when you go to uni! 

With dozens upon dozens of clubs and sports teams at Stirling, it can be overwhelming to find which one is right for you.

Whilst Brig is without a doubt the best (in my totally unbiased opinion), here are five Stirling societies you didn’t know existed.

Ultimate Frisbee

Dubbed “one of the world’s fastest growing sports”, Stirling’s frisbee team was established back in 1999 and now regularly competes all over the country.

The sport is described as fast-paced and suitable for all experience levels.

Points are scored by catching the frisbee in the opponents’ end zone, and the game can be played both indoors and outdoors.

Doctor Who Society

Some clubs can get super niche, and the newly minted Who Society is just one example.

The name is pretty self-explanatory – a place to discuss all things Doctor Who.

The club hosts watch parties for the show, as well as quiz and game nights.

The committee says they have “exciting plans for socials” for the year ahead.

Artificial Intelligence Society

Another newcomer to Stirling, the AI soc is intriguing. 

Only set up in March of this year, the committee says: “Whether you’re a seasoned AI expert or just curious about the field, our AI society is the perfect place for you. 

“We welcome members from all backgrounds and levels of experience to learn, discuss, and engage in exciting projects related to AI.”

Dumyat Dragons

No, there is not a pack of mythical creatures roaming around campus – the Dumyat Dragons are Stirling’s quadball team.

Quadball is the new name for quidditch, the fictional-turned-real sport from Harry Potter.

The game was recently given a makeover, as the UK association took on the new name in June 2022 to show support for their trans players – now that’s allyship done well.

The sport is open to all genders and Stirling’s team competes nationally.

Taylor Swift Society

Perhaps this one isn’t as surprising – Taylor Swift is probably the biggest music star alive right now and societies appreciating her work have been popping up at universities for years.

Stirling’s Swifties now have their own community after this soc was founded last year.

The club aims to bring fans together, support one another, and provide a safe space for all.

The committee says: “Whether you just like one song or know all the words, everyone is welcome.”

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