Our Flag Means Death Episode Three: Bloody good fun

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This week’s episode of Our Flag Means Death takes a distinctly gory turn as Stede and his crew explore the Republic of Pirates.

Taika Waititi is mesmerizing as Blackbeard. Whilst Taika’s portrayal is far from historically accurate (he point blank refused to attempt a Bristolian accent for the role) man, does he look good dressed head to toe in leather.

We still haven’t properly seen Blackbeard’s face up to this point, adding some delicious tension. In the opening scene he’s angled away from his first mate Izzy and the camera. Maybe he really does have a head made of smoke, like Black Pete said.

Taika Waititi as Blackbeard. Image Credit: BBC

Blackbeard is still hell-bent on following the Revenge, but he doesn’t plan on attacking – he wants to invite them aboard.

Over on the Revenge, Stede is set on building his brand as the Gentleman Pirate. He’s not like other pirates; he kills with kindness!

His first act of mercy is to spare their last hostage and sell him instead. And so the crew sets a course for the Republic of Pirates.

Oluwande is concerned for Jim – they have a bounty on their head in the Republic for the murder of one of Spanish Jackie’s husbands. Jim is a bit more easygoing, finally freeing Lucius from his time captive in a chest.

Stede insists on himself and Lucius wearing all-white for their expedition in the Republic. Literally, as soon as he steps off the boat, Lucius is covered in someone else’s blood – the second-hand cringe is unreal.

Nathan Foad as Lucius. Image Credit: BBC

Jim decides to tempt fate and heads straight to Jackie’s bar. They are determined to get their family dagger back from Jackie. Olu’s concern for them is touching. His crush on them is not subtle at all and it’s adorable.

Lucius manages to pocket the dagger for them. Jim is so grateful they give him a kiss as thanks (totally not to make Olu jealous or anything).

One of Jackie’s husbands, Geraldo, thinks he knows someone who would be interested in the hostage. This “private client” turns out to be the Spanish Navy, and Geraldo has sold out Stede and his whole crew.

All hell breaks loose as Stede is stabbed and Geraldo rips off Jim’s disguise. The crew thinks he’s genuinely tearing off their nose and facial hair, which is hilarious.

Vico Ortiz as Jim and Fred Armisen as Geraldo. Image Credit: BBC

Just as Stede is about to be hung by the Spanish, Blackbeard’s crew attacks the ship. Stede is cut free in the nick of time, his life flashing before his eyes. A figure emerges from the smoke-filled air: Blackbeard himself.

Finally, our two captains meet. I can’t wait to see how their dynamic pans out, as well as the crew’s reaction to Jim’s true identity.

Our Flag Means Death is on BBC 2 each Wednesday at 10pm, and the full series is available to stream on BBC iPlayer now.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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