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Opinion: Tories need to chill out over Gender Recognition Reform

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I am sick and tired of hearing about the Gender Recognition Reform Bill – and you probably are too.

It has dominated our newspapers, TV screens and Twitter timelines for months now. Despite it being one of the most debated bills in Scottish Parliament’s history, people are still arguing that it’s been rushed through. And now, the UK government is attempting to block it.

Why are the Tories so up in arms?

This oh-so threatening, apparently earth-shattering bill aims to lower the age one can apply for a gender recognition certificate from 18 to 16.

“But think of the children!” they say. I am thinking of the children. I’m thinking of all the trans teens who’s lives would be improved by this bill. Studies have found that when a trans person’s chosen name and pronouns are used, their risk of suicide dramatically reduces. Respecting someone’s gender can literally save their life.

The detransition myth

The idea that people (cough Keir Starmer cough) think that someone having a child or joining the army at 16 is fine, but knowing their gender identity is not, is laughable. Sure, some people’s identities will fluctuate and change throughout their life, but realistically, only around 3% of trans people regret transitioning.

“But think of the women!” they say. They don’t really care about women’s rights though. They’ll never stand up for abortion access, domestic violence or homophobia. They just need an excuse to hide their prejudice behind, and Gender Recognition Reform has provided an opportunity.

Their arguments are illogical

I’ve never understood the argument that men are going to use this bill to obtain a certificate so they can “invade” women’s spaces and commit crimes. No one is checking people’s birth certificates to go to the toilet. Surely shitty men will continue to be shitty men, whether they have a certificate or not.

And if they do such a thing in women’s spaces with a GRC, they’re still committing a crime. They won’t get some sort of free pass just because they have the certificate, so the uproar really is nonsensical.

When will trans people be able to just exist?

When will we stop being a “debate”? When will we be seen as human? I don’t think it will be any time soon. The UK isn’t nicknamed TERF island for nothing.

Scottish independence can’t come soon enough.

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