No soggy bottoms for new Baking Society

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There’s a new society on the block that covers all of your baking needs: SUBS.

Brig sat down with President Lizzie Bell and Treasurer Nilo Momtaz to get the tea (and cake).

Business student Lizzie decided to start the Stirling University Baking Society as she felt there wasn’t an existing one she could “fit right in to”.

She had been thinking about creating a new society for a while but thought she would wait until her third year of studies.

“Over this summer I was like, why not just do it?” she told Brig.

“That was it really… baking’s quite wide, you don’t have to be super focused on one thing.”

Nilo became involved when she heard about the new society through a friend.

“I love baking so much and I think this is definitely a society that I fit in really well,” she said.

Nilo chalks up her hospitable nature as a result of her Iranian background: “This is such a great way to teach people about basic cooking skills.”

The society will have a very student-friendly focus – sharing simple recipes for people who have limited or no baking experience.

white teacup
SUBS shared recipes for mug cakes at the recent Freshers Fayre. Image Credit: Zdenek Rosenthaler on

Anyone of any ability can join. “Even if you’ve not turned on an oven before!” said Nilo.

“Baking stuff at home… it’s a great way to also save money,” she adds.

The society is planning to meet every fortnight, and is planning workshops on how to upgrade packet-mix cakes and showcasing bakes from different cultures, as well as classic pub socials.

“It’s a bit of fun, a chance to make friends,” said Lizzie.

SUBS will be hosting their Give It A Go on September 26 at 7pm, room to be confirmed.

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Featured Image Credit: SUBS

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