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Review: Big Mouth Season 5 is… weird ★★☆☆☆

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Last week, Big Mouth made its fifth appearance on streaming giant Netflix. Honestly, I have no idea how this chaos keeps getting renewed. But the little gremlin part of my brain makes me watch every single episode of every season. I can’t resist it. And so it seems, neither can the general public. According to Netflix stats, it’s their third most watched show today (November 11).

Why the hell do we want to watch middle schoolers discover their bodies in graphic detail? The show is at least self-aware of its inherent creepiness, but I think it makes us feel less alone. Less weird about all the stuff we did when we were younger, because everyone else did it too. It’s comforting, in a very odd way.

The main reason I started watching in the first place is for its LGBT+ representation. This season disappointed me. The queer characters were given half-baked storylines and lacked satisfying conclusions in the final episode.

Nick and his lovebug. Image Credit: Netflix

This season did see some other monsters in the Big Mouth universe, which was interesting. We were introduced to lovebugs and hate worms. I would have liked to have seen more background and development on them, but with the upcoming spinoff Human Resources, I can understand why they kept it basic.

Last season saw Jenny Slate step down from voicing Missy Foreman-Greenwald, so she could be voiced by a black woman. The new voice of Missy, Ayo Edebiri, does an amazing job portraying her character.

Missy. Image Credit: Netflix

On the whole, this season was disappointing for me. It is a fun watch if you’re bored and already invested in the characters, but it’s far from a must-see. Some of the earlier seasons were great, and now it just feels like we’re beating a dead horse.

Big Mouth Seasons 1-5 are streaming now on Netflix.

Feature image credit: Netflix

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