Extinction rebellion Stirling call on council to “step up” over climate targets

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The Stirling extinction rebellion branch have criticised climate action plans put forward by the council last Friday to tackle the climate emergency

The group said they are “dismayed” at the current proposals as there is “not enough immediate and decisive actions to reduce carbon emissions across Stirling”.

An Extinction Rebellion Stirling spokesperson said:

“As citizens, we expect leadership from the Council, to ensure people and organisations in Stirling are enabled and empowered to contribute to the worldwide effort to prevent global heating beyond 1.5 degrees.

“The world’s eyes will be on Scotland as the COP26 will take place in November; world-leading changes are needed. Stirling must step up and deliver more ambitious targets backed by practical plans.”

Describing their concerns about a lack of engagement with the local community, the spokesperson added:

“Several times since the climate emergency was recognised, Extinction Rebellion Stirling has asked councillors to give them and a wider group of civic society an opportunity to give input to this process.  It is unclear how this input has been used and Extinction Rebellion Stirling is not aware of any wider engagement plans with citizens or community organisations.

“Stirling Council should include the local residents in creating these plans and then run a Citizens’ Jury to recommend prioritised action based on these plans.”

A Stirling Extinction Rebellion member added:

“We outlined a possible scenario in a submission to the Council on 11th February to set up working groups for each sub-topic of the Climate Emergency and include a Citizen Jury that in other cities such as Camden or Leeds has worked very well for community engagement.”

Stirling Council have been approached for comment

Feature Image credit: Extinction rebellion Stirling

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