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ATVAs to make a return after two years

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After a two year hiatus , the Air TV awards (ATVA’s) are making a return on 26th May 2021.

The AirTV awards celebrate the best short films made by AirTV members across a variety of categories including “Best Film” and “People’s choice awards”. The awards will be judged by those in the Film and TV industry alongside some alumni of the film making society.

Individual’s who wish to submit a film have until the 19th May 2021 to send their film in alongside a poster and trailer for the film

Image description: ATVA Submission rules
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Speaking to Brig about the event, Calum White, AirTV’s current Head of Features and Vice President-elect said:

“It’s gonna be great! Myself as well as many other members of AirTV have never had the chance to make an ATVA so finally being given this opportunity is amazing and allows for us to flex our creative muscles for everyone to see. – “

AirTV’s current Vice President, Lauren McAngus told Brig:

“Our last ATVAS was in 2019 at the Macrobert Art Centre – this year we’re hosting it online which is a bit different but the committee is really excited to see how it turns out. It really is a great way for members to showcase their work and experience being nominated for awards. The judging panel is filled with Alumni and amazing members of the film/tv industry so all in all it’s turning into a really great event”

More information can be found on the AirTV event , linked here

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