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Society to fundraise for Refuweegee by travelling 1,712 miles in May

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A student society has announced plans to fundraise for the Glasgow based charity Refuweegee in May by travelling the equivalent distance between London and the Ukranian city of Kyiv.

Refuweegee supports people who have been forcibly displaced by providing information and support packs to people in the area, alongside volunteering and hosting events.

The Stirling STAR society ( Student Action for Refugees ) are hoping to fundraise for the charity by walking,running, cycling or swimming a distance of 1,712 miles over the course of May.

Last year , the society raised over £500 to support refugees and asylum seekers.

The fundraiser is not limited to members in the society , students can also sign up via the online form if they wish to participate in the fundraiser via the QR code below.

A QR code which takes you to resources which are linked with the Stirling student action for refugee society
Credit:Stirling STAR

Commenting on the purpose of the fundraiser, a spokesperson for the STAR Stirling society told Brig:

“As a society, we really like the work Refuweegee does, in welcoming refugees to Scotland and creating a friendly community for them to engage in; and would encourage everyone to google them.”

The spokesperson added that the purpose of the fundraiser was “to raise awareness of what we are doing and hopefully raise more money. Our goal is £500 or more if possible, and if you are wanting to get involved please do. We welcome it!”

Students can find out more about the society’s plans here

Feature image credit: Stirling STAR society

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