Power issues persist in Cottrell building

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Update (28/03/2022): Power issues have continued in the areas affected by Friday’s outage.

The Y corridor to the C block has had “the majority of power” restored but some lights remain off with repairs scheduled for tomorrow.

The repairs will mean a shutdown of power for the Y corridor to the C block tomorrow evening (Tuesday 29 March) with the University apologising for the inconvenience.

Credit: Twitter @StirUni

PCs used for remote desktop access in the affected areas will have been turned off but will be back in action once manually turned one. All other remote desktop PCs remain unaffected.

A power outage in the same area was reported on Friday (see below).

25/03/2022: There is no power from the Y corridor to the C Block entrance on all floors of the Cottrell building on campus for the rest of the day due to a cable fault.

The university have issued a statement stating: “Due to a cable fault, for the rest of today there will be no power in Cottrell Building (Y corridor to C Block entrance, on all floors). This affects office spaces primarily. The IT network enabling remote working is unaffected.”

The statement concluded: “We apologise for the disruption. We are working to resolve the issue and will update as soon as power has been reconnected.

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Feature image credit: University of Stirling

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