How student societies can improve your student experience

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Life as a university student can be full of opportunities such as moving to a new city or changing your degree to pursue a newfound passion if your original career plans no longer fill you with excitement. However, to access the opportunities which student life can provide you don’t always need to change things.

Student societies can provide a warm induction to life as a university student and offer stability and consistency as your modules, assignments and lecturers may change.

If you have an old hobby but have had to reduce the time which you dedicate to it over the years, university offers the perfect opportunity to reignite your passion and enthusiasm, utilising that hobby as a break from assignments or exams.

On the other hand, if you have felt like your hobby was always a niche or not represented within your community, you can create a student society through the Students Union as long as the society has at least ten paying members.

Exams and assignment dates can be a busy time in the calendar of a student. However, in a society, you can find a collective group who are all experiencing similar things or perhaps the same things if other members are enrolled on the same degree programme or individual modules. In this way, student societies offer reassurance, familiarity and a source of friendship at busy times in the university calendar.

Speaking of old, Brig Newspaper is now 53 years old, just three years younger than the University of Stirling as an institution. As an undergraduate student, I had the opportunity to attend Brig’s 50th birthday celebration, make some life-long friends and connect with university alumni.

Events which mark milestone achievements or years are not a regular occurrence, so having the opportunity to be a part of the cultural history of student media and document the university experience for future Stirling students is a really valuable opportunity to play your part in shaping the university experience.

Brig at 50

The opportunity to engage with student alumni at society events is valuable but perhaps overlooked. Alumni of the society may have a similar profession to that which you desire to obtain once you graduate, so asking questions and making connections with alumni can assist you with your career.

Student societies can offer lifelong friendships, bespoke experiences, and connections with student alumni. Hopefully, you now feel more informed about the opportunities which student societies will offer.

If you are considering joining a student society you can find more information on the student union website here.

As someone who has been a member of various student societies over the past four years, I’m confident that you won’t regret it.

Feature image credit: Stirling Students Union

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