Marketing society becomes a “dormant society”

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Stirling University’s Marketing Society (SUMS) has become dormant. The society, which was founded in 2019, aims to build a community, create opportunities and enhance industry-related skills.

Brig spoke to the society’s president Rebecca Stewart about why the society became dormant, how students could get involved and the aims of the society.

Stewart explained that the society had become dormant after the secretary position, which is required to be occupied by a society member under Students’ Union rules, was left vacant.

“The society has unfortunately become dormant as we were unable to elect a secretary at our last AGM. This is a core position which would look great on your CV, with duties including taking minutes at meetings, answering enquiries, and booking rooms for meetings,” said Stewart.

Stirling University Marketing Society post an advertisement on their instagram page for a secretary
Image Credit: Stirling University Marketing Society

When asked why students should get involved in the society, Stewart described the society as “a great place to make new friends studying marketing or business. Although you don’t need to be studying business to join – we also give tips on how you can market yourself to employers!”

Commenting on the implications of a society becoming “dormant”, Vice President Communities Alyson Mackay told Brig that student societies which are dormant can remain on the Students’ Union systems for two years.

Alyson Mackay said that this means “any funds the club or society has built up are held for two full academic years, from the expiration of the last membership purchased. This way if a new group of students are willing to form a committee they do not have to start from scratch and can benefit from the previous committee’s work.”

A statement from the Stirling University Marketing society which explains that they are now a dormant society
Image Credit: Stirling University Marketing society

However, Mackay explained that there are also some important nuances to what may happen to a dormant club or society’s funds: “In the instance that there are dormant club funds and a new proposed club or society with the same aims is brought to us we would give them the funds.”

Mackay also said that if the society was raising funds for or is based on a charity then any society funds would be “donated directly to the cause” once the two-year time period has lapsed.

In the event that the society is not restarted after two years, a new society with similar aims is not created, and the society wasn’t raising funds for a charity or cause, the Vice President Communities explained that “the funds are absolved into the Student Union club grant” which “goes towards supporting current clubs and societies”

Mackay stressed that any club, committee or sports team which becomes dormant “is not a failing of the committee” because filling committee roles can be a challenge and she acknowledges that “lots of students put their all into running a club or society and while this is commendable it is not sustainable or fair to expect this.”

This is why Mackay encourages students to “put their mental and physical health first, followed by their academic studies and then any extracurricular activities.”

Mackay concluded by explaining her approach towards helping societies that are becoming dormant, which has already led to one society being able to continue into the next academic year

Mackay said: “This year I have encouraged all clubs and societies that are going dormant to post about this on any and all social media accounts they have. I hope by making students aware that the club or society is dormant it will inspire some to form a new committee”

Mackay added that before she vacates the role on June 1 she “will be sharing a list of the dormant clubs and societies which can hopefully be revived over summer and beyond.”

Any student interested in joining the marketing society can contact the society’s president Rebecca Stewart via the society’s webpage on the Students’ Union website, which is linked here. Alternatively, you can view a full list of current clubs and societies on the Students’ Union website here.

Featured image credit: Stirling University Marketing Society.

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