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Voting opens in VP education by election

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Voting in a by-election to decide the Vice President Education for the upcoming academic year is now underway.

The by-election was called after there were no candidates for the sabbatical officer position at the annual Union elections last month.

Calum Brown, who is the current Vice President Education for this academic term is standing as a candidate in the by election. You can read Brig’s interview with Brown here.

Credit:Stirling Students union

Commenting on the by election, a spokesperson for the Stirling students union said:

“It is important for us to ensure we have a Vice President Education in post for the upcoming year. Having input to the University’s learning and teaching is a fundamental aspect of the Union’s work and having the Officer in place will ensure representation for students across the University and beyond. All students are encouraged to vote with voting remaining open until 6.15pm on Tuesday 26th April. You can check out the candidates and vote at

Spokesperson for the University of Stirling Students Union

Students can vote and view manifesto’s via the student union website , voting closes at 6.15pm tomorrow, with the results being published online a short time later.

Feature image credit: Stirling Student Union.

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